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Preventative dentistry involves caring for your teeth to keep them healthy for life. With regular check ups and a good home oral hygiene routine you should be able to reduce your need for future dental treatment due to tooth decay, gum disease and tooth wear.

At Laurel Dental Practice we help to prevent problematic mouths by offering regular examinations for adults and children, and targeted cleaning treatments by our in practice hygienist. We also offer tooth extractions to remove any teeth beyond repair.


We ask every new patient to have a full dental examination with one of our dentists. The dentist will check the health of your teeth, gums and mouth including a check for oral cancer. This will often include taking some x rays to visualise the inside of the teeth.

You will have the opportunity to discuss your general health, lifestyle and any dental problems you have noticed since your last check-up. The dentist will use all of this information to determine whether any treatment is necessary, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your treatment and payment options.

We offer a reduced rate for children's examinations, which include the same services as the adult examination. In addition, we provide fluoride varnishing for children to help strengthen the teeth and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

If you have a dental emergency we will always try to offer you a consultation on the day providing the practice is open. Outside of practice hours we ask you to phone DentaLine on 01634 890300.

Image representing prevention
Image representing prevention

Hygienist Services

Regular hygienist cleans reduce your risk of gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss and at Laurel Dental Practice we have a dedicated in-practice hygienist.

During your hygiene appointment you will have the opportunity to raise and discuss any concerns you have related to your oral health and your home oral hygiene routine. The hygienist will perform an assessment of the condition of your teeth and gum surfaces before giving your teeth and gums a clean and polish to remove any build up of plaque, tartar or staining. Finally, the hygienist will offer advice on improving your oral health through lifestyle changes and oral hygiene techniques.

If you are diagnosed with gum disease intensive cleans with the hygienist will be the foundation of your treatment, and you may need longer or more frequent appointments.


Tooth extractions are required when a tooth is damaged beyond repair because of severe tooth decay, advanced gum disease, broken teeth or infection. Teeth may also need to be removed if they are causing problems to neighbouring teeth in the mouth.

At Laurel Dental Practice we perform both simple and more complicated surgical extractions, usually under a local anaesthetic so that you do not feel any pain. We provide you with aftercare and healing advice to ensure a smooth recovery.

If you have a particularly complicated extraction or are an anxious or vulnerable patient we can refer you to a specialist that may be able to offer extractions under sedation or general anaesthetic.

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General and Preventative Dentistry From:
New patient examination£78
Full dental exam including oral cancer check, two xrays, discussion of your requirements and treatment and payment options
Six-monthly full dental exam including oral cancer check for registered patients
Child examination£19
Six-monthly full dental exam including oral cancer check and fluoride varnish for registered patients up to 18 years old
General consultation£65
Advice and preliminary treatment assessment for a range of treatment options including implants and cosmetic dentistry
Emergency appointment£80
Assessment and resolution of emergency complaint including any necessary x-rays and temporary filling
Small x-ray£13.50
To visualise a small part of the mouth only
Large x-ray£60
A panoramic full mouth x-ray
Full arch CT Scan
Routine Hygiene appointment£68
30 minutes clean with our in practice hygienist
Simple tooth extraction£105
Surgical tooth extraction£200
For broken or un-erupted teeth that require an incision into the gum prior to extraction